Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The tribal art of Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan Lenart Kazmer makes contemporary mixed media jewelry with a tribal feel.

I have found myself inspired by the way she mixes elements and saturates her pieces. I would like to be able to achieve such perfect compositions with many elements. I am also drawn to the tribal feel, the sense that the pieces would be worn by a contemporary shaman.

With my new series, Synesthesia, I have been integrating a lot of gemstone elements. Some how, compared to how much Susan Lenart Kazmer is able to incorporate, I feel my creations need more, they need to be less polished, less shiny, more rustic and antiqued. I love old things, antique dolls, rusty things. But so far in my jewelry I haven't been able to incorporate this aesthetic. But with this inspiration, we will see!

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